So things have gotten better with my boyfriend (we talked and fought, them talked again and patched things up), yet his mommy said something not so sweet about me. The comment wasn’t really direct, but indirect, still…it made me uncomfortable. I haven’t said anything bad or anything that could’ve ruined the pseudo-relationship I had with his mom. With mothers-in-law, however, there’s no need to DO anything, they just stab you in the back and start saying stuff ’cause they don’t like you. Never give them anything to talk about.
I don’t hate her, and I try, desperately, to stop this feeling of anger/resentment, since it’s not good for my emotional health. I have to keep my eyes open, though, with whomever I encounter. I’m not being paranoid, just playing it safe.

Ps. I miss my laptop.



I talked to him again, after four days of silence. We don’t have anything to say to one another as we’re feeling uncomfortable.


What is love?
‘Cause the more I keep walking along the path we call “our love”, I stray myself.
I feel lost.
Tell me, is this really love?
It feels like chains binding me.
Tell me, will you be there?
Like a kid, you need more attention.
I need to hide every emotion.
I want a goal,
Not another obstacle.
I need support,
Not someone to court.

Distance II

We aren’t fighting anymore, but yesterday’s fight didn’t turn out well.


I wonder

I wonder what makes you fall in love? Falling for someone isn’t hard, but keeping the relationship is. So, my real question is…what makes you stay in love with someone?


Words like knives

I am sad.


How long has it been since we last kissed? It hasn’t been that long, I know. Feeling, however, take over me and I feel the need to embrace you. I want to be close to you And feel safe in your arms. I fell in love with you, unfortunately. Fortunately, I met you. Though, the sadness in all this reverie rests in how I cannot meet you. Again, I cry, trapped in this darkness. Where are you, love? Where are you, my knight? We are young and in love. My words hurt you like knives as I don’t know how to convey my feelings. Let this words that have been written out reach you, as you are the one who can pull me out of this picture. I want to once again…feel you.



Today, my boyfriend and I got into a fight. To make it clear, we have a long-distance relationship and have seen each other three times in the year and a half we’ve been dating. Truth to be told, I’m getting desperate and way too anxious because we’re in different continents. He’s in Europe while I’m in America.
We fought because, well…there isn’t really a reason. It’s just that I’ve been mad at him the whole day. The thoughts crossing my mind are thoughts of him not missing me as much as I do. It’s been quite long since we’ve kissed or held hands. I barely see him when we talk using Skype. His laptop’s camera is a piece of crap, and every time we talk I see him for about five minutes, then nothing. Our responsibilities makes it hard to have time and talk. And when we do have time, well…we watch funny videos on YouTube or watch a movie or something. It’s becoming a routine.
As a woman, I like the cute and sweet words he used to call me or the nice comments about my figure or the forever-in-love poems he used to tell me. Now, when we talk he tells me that he loves me, but nothing more. I made a mistake when I read the messages he used to send me. For heaven’s sake, he used to cry whether said he missed me and how he wanted to marry me.
Relationships are hard, not only romantic ones but every single other one, too. We have to deal with people, be careful not to hurt their feelings or something. I understand, still…there are times when I wish I could tell him how I feel and what I need without him getting irritated because he thinks I don’t appreciate what he has done.
I really had to write this down, since I needed to let it out.


I wait for you.
Time stops and leaves sports tainted by loneliness.
It hurts to look back,
You’re not whom I fell in love with.
The way you talk to me,
The words that come out of your lips,
They are not the same.
We’ve been turning pages,
But what about our sentiments?
I miss you,
But I wish you would too.
Where’s the man who made me laugh?
Where’s the man who made my heart beat?
Where are the phrases that made me live?
I call,
But you don’t answer.
Where are you, my lost lover?

A Hot Coffee Means a Warm Heart

People holding a hot cup of coffee tent to have more positive opinions of others.

Iced coffee, hot coffee experiment it’s about holding a warm cup of coffee and a cold cup of coffee, then being asked if we would prefer a coupon for a free ice cream for a friend or a gift for oneself. People that were holding the warm cup of coffee tended to take the gift for their friend, rather than the gift for themselves, and the people holding the iced cup of coffee tended to take the gift for themselves. We already know how, when someone tells you that certain person is cold or warm, we prejudge the person in question, but why is it that warmth and coldness affects our conduct or way of thinking?
Our reaction toward the feeling of coldness and warmth seems to go way beyond when we still lived in caves. The lack of clothing and seeking warmth and safety seems to have had an effect on our way through evolution. But not only evolution is involved, but the warmth we received by our mother’s embrace when feeding us. Everything has had an effect on us and the search for a warm welcome, a warm embrace or a hot passionate kiss. It’s funny how most positive things are described as being warm, but funnier how being warm or even holding something warm can make us more sympathetic and not think selfishly, compared to someone who’s been feeling cold or holding something cold. The brain, evolution, and the unconscious mind surely work in a curious way, making warmth have an conduct-changing effect.

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