Differences exist,
Diversity was created for the sole reason of having a crazy mixture.
Ice and fire,
A warm word,
A cold touch;
Loving and hating,
Trusting and suspecting,
Though it’s only when I look at whom we’ve become that I truly understand.
To make a puzzle you need those parts to fit.
For that matter, they can’t be the same.
There is, however, something unfair.
A piece will always be eating the other one away.
One of the pieces will always overpower the other.
Between us, according to that endless jigsaw,
Am I the one consuming you,
Or are you the one overwhelming me?



There was a time when his every word healed me,
A time when his every glance made me feel full of love,
A time when his caresses were everything to me,
When has time stopped?
When has the clock ceased to function?
Wings that have been cut,
Words that are meant to be left unsaid,
Hands that have turned into strangers,
A whisper that has turned bitter,
When did the seasons change?
I go up,
I go up and feel you,
But you grab me by the ankle and pull me down.
Why do you that?
I want to fly even if it’s dangerous,
I want to dream,
I want to see,
Let me break free.


There are times when I feel atrophied by the chains that bind my emotions.
Are we really free to express ourselves without being judged?
Can we tell the person we trust the most our fears?
It’s like a burning fire,
A flame that eats my confidence away.
I thought, as a kid, that we were free beings, but turns out we really aren’t.
We live in a society and have to deal with others. Not only their reactions but their thoughts, their feelings and also inner demons. We have to choose into being the one that listens, the one that accepts, and the one that understands and supports the other, or become the selfish one that doesn’t value the person in front of you.
My words are tied to other’s judgment,
My judgment bound to other’s thought,
My thoughts restrained by other’s words,
So I ask, once again, am I really free?