The lights and the loud music echoed made her body tremble. Or had the drinks been the cause of her dizziness? She had one of his hands on her waist, while the other playfully drew circles on her cheeks. A part of her wanted to go to bed, but another one knew she had to enjoy the night. It was going to be the last before she’d acquired all the responsibilities she was meant to. The ceremony was close, though not as close as those guy’s lips were to her neck.
She felt a wave of electricity pass through her body, when he planted a kiss on her collarbone. She wanted more. She desired the man in front of her, she wanted to drink and dance until there was no tomorrow, she craved to do whatever she wanted—she dreamed of freedom. Much more than what she already had. She wanted no consequences, just plain pleasure and fun.
“I want to stay like this forever,” she thought, before letting herself drown in that man’s touch.
From the other side of the room, a figure watched her cautiously.

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