A Hot Coffee Means a Warm Heart

People holding a hot cup of coffee tent to have more positive opinions of others.

Iced coffee, hot coffee experiment it’s about holding a warm cup of coffee and a cold cup of coffee, then being asked if we would prefer a coupon for a free ice cream for a friend or a gift for oneself. People that were holding the warm cup of coffee tended to take the gift for their friend, rather than the gift for themselves, and the people holding the iced cup of coffee tended to take the gift for themselves. We already know how, when someone tells you that certain person is cold or warm, we prejudge the person in question, but why is it that warmth and coldness affects our conduct or way of thinking?
Our reaction toward the feeling of coldness and warmth seems to go way beyond when we still lived in caves. The lack of clothing and seeking warmth and safety seems to have had an effect on our way through evolution. But not only evolution is involved, but the warmth we received by our mother’s embrace when feeding us. Everything has had an effect on us and the search for a warm welcome, a warm embrace or a hot passionate kiss. It’s funny how most positive things are described as being warm, but funnier how being warm or even holding something warm can make us more sympathetic and not think selfishly, compared to someone who’s been feeling cold or holding something cold. The brain, evolution, and the unconscious mind surely work in a curious way, making warmth have an conduct-changing effect.