What is love?
‘Cause the more I keep walking along the path we call “our love”, I stray myself.
I feel lost.
Tell me, is this really love?
It feels like chains binding me.
Tell me, will you be there?
Like a kid, you need more attention.
I need to hide every emotion.
I want a goal,
Not another obstacle.
I need support,
Not someone to court.


Distance II

We aren’t fighting anymore, but yesterday’s fight didn’t turn out well.


I wonder

I wonder what makes you fall in love? Falling for someone isn’t hard, but keeping the relationship is. So, my real question is…what makes you stay in love with someone?


Blindfolded (Silver Thread)

Prologue: Blindfolded

The hall was unlit. Only the light from my parents’ room fell across the floor. The house was enveloped in stillness, even though the windows were open and the wind outside roared.
The star of the evil dawn shines dimly,
My heart was beating fast, and my hands were trembling. I didn’t want to keep walking, but something told me to move. Although the distance between my parents’ room and my room was relatively short, it looked like I would never be able get there. The second I stood in front of their open door, I felt a shiver run down my spine.
It laughs and demands things she doesn’t own,
The lights were blinding at first, but then started flickering. I squinted and saw it.
That scene.
Something that looked like a garbage bag was lying at my feet. What was a garbage bag doing in my parents’ room? Then my eyes widened. That wasn’t a garbage bag. There was hair growing out of one end. Human hair.
Her tears invite, “Come here…”
A human being?!
The body was twisted in a C-shape, lying on its side, face down and covered in crimson. It was wearing a black nightgown with strawberry gashes all over it and a golden necklace—an awfully familiar one—around the body’s neck.
At the bottom of sloth’s slumber, she’ll drown you deeper, deeper…
No, no, no!
My mouth opened, ready to cry out, but nothing came. My knees buckled in fear, making me fall. The lights stopped flickering, and I heard a thump. I glanced up and noticed a smear of blood on the ceiling with a large handprint in it, like a child’s finger painting. There was also a trail of blood that went from the wall in front of me to the unmade double bed on my left. Lying on the bed was another twisted body with no legs, a gray sweater askew on the wretched torso, the sheets around it mattered with blood, the face crushed, a bit of it on the floor.
“What do you want? A golden key? The silver moon?”
My stomach turned and tears welled up. What was happening?! Why were mom and dad…?! Who?! A killer?!
I didn’t have time to mourn. I had to run, to get away! I felt tears roll down my cheeks and a metallic smell filling the room enter my nose. A sudden urge to vomit took over me, but I didn’t let it take control. I did all I could to get to my feet, when there was a blackout. My heart seemed to stop, but my feet didn’t.
“As long as you get it, the means don’t matter.”
I knew that house like the back of my hand. That was probably the reason why, even in the darkness, I had been able to run all the way to the first floor without bumping into anything. But there was something or someone that wasn’t known to me. Something that caught my arm, just when I was about to reach the doorknob.
“Come into my mouth and you’ll be part of me.”
In the dim light coming from the street I saw a tall, dark figure.
A man. For a split second I imagined it was my father and that what I’d just seen had just been a bad dream. But it couldn’t be. His grip was hurting me. My father would never hurt me. I tried to break free, but he wouldn’t let go. His grasp tightened, making me cry out in pain.
I was so close to the exit, to get help, to live…
You shall be burnt to ashes with your own decision.
“Let me go!” I yelled as I moved closer to bite his hand. The moment I felt his skin close enough, I sank my teeth into his hand so hard my mouth hurt. However, I kept on biting until I heard a crunch. Something lukewarm and salty filled my mouth. He released me, and I jerked backward. I ran past him and managed to open the door. I felt a ray of hope, but quickly faded away as soon as my hair was pulled.
Secretly, in those scornful eyes, is the feeling of rejoice.
I screamed, hoping someone would hear me, and dug my nails on his arm. I didn’t want to die! I didn’t want it to hurt! I wanted to be safe! Why hadn’t anyone noticed?! Why wasn’t anyone coming to help me?!What had we done to deserve it?! We were a happy family, so why?!
The man dragged me back into the house, leaving the door slightly open.
If you peek into their hearts, you’ll see the abyss they’ve let themselves into.
It had to be a joke since that morning we had breakfast, we went to the park, and grandpa had called like he did every Saturday. Mom had also bought a new dress for a party, and dad been watching a baseball game when he said ‘goodnight’ to me. Some hours…just some hours ago everything was like it was supposed to be!
My eyes locked on my attacker, the streetlight revealing his features, and a prayer escaped from my lips.
A young man with bright red eyes was looking down at me, notes of pity, and maybe sadness, were all over his face, until a weary smile played on his lips. The look on his face suddenly changed to a distorted grimace reflecting only pure madness.
The star asks which sin they should aim for,
My attacker leaned forward, his breath warm against my skin. I froze, the yelling and attacking subsiding. It wasn’t like I chose to stop defending myself, I was going numb. My body had gotten heavier, and keeping my eyes open was getting harder. But I couldn’t afford to pass out, not at that moment. If he was going to kill me, I had to carve every detail. That was the only way—the only way I could fight back. A tear rolled down my cheek as my body slid down. The attacker held me before I hit the ground and carefully loosened his grip. The pain I was feeling because of his pulling my hair vanished, but a sharper ache emerged.
A burning feeling. My eyes felt as though someone had poured acid on them, but I couldn’t scream. My body wouldn’t react, but the pain was there. So real and unreal at the same time.
Who will be the one to fall?
“This one is the seventh,” he whispered coldly as he put a hand over my eyes.
The voice died away, so did my consciousness.
Like that, the night my parents were killed became the end of life as I knew it and the beginning of a game against fate.